Our Approach

We value our customers regardless of size and strive to provide the highest level of customer service for each and every one!  Our current client list includes acute care hospital systems, ambulatory services, medicolegal documentation, single provider offices, etc.  Meeting our client’s expectations in quality and turnaround time is our priority!

Our Story

Our staff is highly trained, with each transcriptionist having an average of 25 years of experience. Our work is only done within the US and there is no outsourcing of any type.

Meet the Team

Steve Sanchez

Founder & CEO


Deborah Sanchez

Director of Operations

In 1973, Deborah began working in the Radiology Department at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Bridgeport Connecticut. From there, she was promoted to their Medical Record Department where she remained for several years as an acute care transcriptionist. Following this, she worked her way up to transcribing for medical transcription companies, responsible for transcribing/editing reports for major medical institutions throughout the country with knowledge in multiple medical specialties including acute care, clinical and office notes, diagnostics, radiology, lab, medical/legal reports as well as psychiatric reports. Through those years, she advanced from QA Specialist to Quality Assurance Supervisor and now to Director of Operations for FMT.  Her current duties with Florida Medical Transcription include making sure all our customers receive accurate personalized reports delivered to them within their contracted time frame and in the style and account specifics they request. She has direct contact with our clients, available to them 24/7, to assist with any requests or issues they may have.


Quality Assurance Manager

Chris began working as a Health Documentation Specialist (MT) in 1980 at a major hospital in her Ohio home town.  Over the years, she progressed to work with several MTSOs, going from MT to QA Specialist; then, wore multiple hats including QA Team Lead/Manager, Medical Auditor, and Quality Coach for many years.  Her experience covers a vast array of medical specialties, to include the entire spectrum of acute-care documents, clinical/office notes, diagnostic studies, radiology/lab reports, medical/legal cases, etc.  Her professional goals/duties with FMT include all aspects of driving quality levels to the highest level possible for our clients, as well as a hands-on approach with the work itself to keep those fingers nimble!  Chris enjoys working for a company where her time and efforts are focused on meeting each customer’s specific needs, ultimately delivering to them what they deserve — the highest quality product in the timeliest fashion.